Using M-Training To Augment Your Sales Training And Increase Effectiveness Of Your Sales Force

using m-training to augment your sales training

Selling has gone mobile. Its time your Sales Training goes mobile too. The combination of a mobile workforce and increase focus on sales has led to companies becoming more mobile friendly as far as their training goes. Mobile provides an array of options for the sales force. From new product releases to corporate policy changes, mobile provides information and training to the sales force anytime, anywhere and on any device. [Read more...]

Light, Camera and Action – Creating A Video Studio

creating a successful video studio

This is the 2nd in our series on creating a successful online video training. We have spoken about preparing a camera-shy executive for a video-shoot. In this post we discuss the need to create a good video studio for your shoots.

If you don’t want to use your desk, you can use your office conference room as a video studio. All that you need to do is make a couple of quick tweaks and add a couple of items to make it ready for a live video shoot. Here is a simple four-step process: [Read more...]

Virtual Onboarding – How to Leaverage Mobile Videos?

virtual onboarding

Onboarding is the process of hiring, orienting and immersing new employees in their roles and the organizational culture. It’s a key strategic area for talent management as innovative companies leverage new technologies to deliver results with fewer resources. Companies move to create a new hire experience that augments the employer’s brand and new employee experience. [Read more...]

Camera Shy? Follow Our Easy Tips

tips for camera shy

As a Manager looking to move your in-person employee training online, you know that training is more effective when the speakers in your videos are leaders, professionals, and industry-experts your staff knows and with whom they already work.  However, the executive you want to feature in your videos may be camera shy. While they can speak eloquently and confidently to a room full of colleagues and other corporate decision-makers, the thought of being video recorded can be often nerve-wracking. [Read more...]

Today’s Learning Workplace – The Flipped Classroom

flipped classroom

Mature organizations focus on employee training and development. Developing talent is one of the key business goals. With the all-pervasive mobile technology, a paradigm shift in learning is happening. Corporate learning is no longer about class room sessions where an expert simply talks from a slick deck of presentation. New tools have made learning more contextual, learner driven and experiential thereby, making learning outcomes directly linked to business’ bottom line. One of the new emerging concepts in corporate learning is the Flipped Classroom. [Read more...]