Connect 9slides with Active Directory with Okta

As companies continue to adopt 9slides throughout the enterprise, identity and access management become increasingly important. If keeping up with the changing roles of their employees wasn’t enough, IT also needs to manage a growing number of different logins, permission levels and credentials for all their users.

One way to do that is through Active directory, a service that centralizes network administration and security. With AD, admins can easily assign roles and enforce security protocols across an entire organization.


We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with Okta the leading enterprise grade identity management service to provide a easy way to connect Active Directory to 9slides, while providing:

Simple Set Up and Configuration – Enable AD integration with a simple, guided process.

Integrated Single Sign-On – Easily authenticate users through their existing windows credentials – now they can access all their apps without logging into them separately.

If you are interested in migrating your account to new Active Directory connected account, please reach out to us at

Real-time analytics is here!

Real time analytics to track who is watching your presentations is here!

9slides now provides ability to track individual user activity  in real-time for your 9slides hosted presentations. This gives you great insight on how your audience is consuming your 9slides presentations, and ability to take actions(if any) based on the individual user activity.

9slides analytics dashboard

Above is the sample screenshot of latest analytics dashboard, which displays a particular content which has been watched by two person and only one person has completed viewing.

**How does it work?**
For you to track individual user activity, send an email invite to your audience by choosing ‘Emails’ under Privacy while publishing your presentation. This would prompt your audience to sign-in or sign-up to to view your content, allowing us to track user activity on your presentations.

privacy option

Real time analytics is a great way to follow up with a customer who just finished basic training on your product, or follow up with an intern who is getting left behind on latest compliance presentations. Let us know how you are going to use it.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, keep them coming!

9slides Team

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