Intelligent Learning Solution Is Here!

Today 9slides is announcing the next generation of its intelligent online training solution, which uses the power of data signals and the web to auto-curate and suggest learning content tailored uniquely for individual learner needs.

Intelligent learning solution

For the first time ever we have so much information available to us, which can be directly applied to the learning and growth of individuals. Old styled pre-set training content & plans are no longer sufficient for rapidly changing market dynamics, and is one of the biggest reason training & learning within organization play catch-up with market requirements. With our intelligent learning solution, organizations would not only be able to provide a very personalized learning experience for their employees, but would also be able to leverage large number of content put together by professional content developers on varied topics. Its a major milestone for learning solutions.

9slides is rolling out today an exciting new dashboard experience that works across different devices such as desktop, tablet and phones with live activity reports from your learners as well as social interactions. Some of the selected customers and partners will start seeing intelligence right away in their 9slides dashboard, and rest of the customers would see newer functionality over next few weeks.

Check it out your new 9slides experience by logging into

Measure comprehension by adding quiz

Part of sharing knowledge involves being able to measure audience comprehension and 9slides allows you to do so by adding multi choice questions which gets presented at the end of the content.

Here is how it looks like when a question get presented after the content. You can add up-to 5 answers to a question. You can add up-to 10 multiple choice questions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.33.32 AM


Below user makes his selection by clicking on one of the answers. As soon as user clicks an answer, “Check Answer” highlights which would not only record user’s response but would also display if user responded correctly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.33.44 AM

As soon as user hits “check answer” system tells if user responded correctly (or not). Notice red color highlighting user responded wrong and correct answer is ‘Friday’.  After this user can move to next question by clicking ‘Next’

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.33.55 AM

If user responds correctly, it turns green (as shown below). Its that simple.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.34.13 AM


Its very simple and yet effective for trainer as well as trainee to participate in these quick quizes, helping trainer evaluate trainee comprehension.

Sexual Harassment Training at Workplaces – Dealing With Dignity


In a very unusual and unheard case of sexual assault at workplace that is currently doing rounds of the digital media, Maria Zhang, Yahoo’s top-level Executive has been accused of having forced her female sub-ordinate Nan Shi to engage in oral and digital sex with her while they shared the company apartment and threatening Shi of dismissal in case of refusal. In her complaint, Shi says that when she disapproved of Zhang’s advances, her performance reviews were wrongly pulled down; she was detached from important projects and assigned lesser roles. The accused however, has counter-sued Shi on account of defamation and claims that Shi was under-performing and has cooked up this story as a last attempt to save her job. Yahoo conducted an internal investigation in the matter but found no evidence to validate Shi’s complaint. The company in fact stands by Zhang and asserts of her being an exemplary employee.


Making unwanted sexual advances, demanding sexual favors under threats, and any other physical or verbal conduct that is sexual in nature amount to sexual harassment. Such behavior interferes with employees’ work performance and also creates an intimidating and offensive work environment. To ensure that organizations don’t lose good employees to harassment, to maintain the dignity of each employee at the workplace and to minimize their financial liability that comes in form of pay-out, many organizations are introducing harassment training programs in workplaces. These training programs can not only help in dealing with sexual harassment in a stronger manner but also help prevent it. Through such programs a prospective victim is educated about company policies, complaint mechanisms, and general laws against harassment as well as techniques to identify and stop a sexual assault the very first time it takes place. On the other hand, a prospective perpetrator can be warned about the possible consequences of such conduct in a very subtle yet strict manner. These training programs can also help employers become more responsive to sexual harassment occurrences and more responsible to take immediate and appropriate action.


Sexual Harassment at workplaces is an epidemic that inflicts societies across the globe and according to a recent survey, 60% of the victims never speak because of the fear of retribution. Every year, approximately 15,000 complaints of sexual harassment are made to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Link: In 2013, state and federal agencies received more than 30,000 complaints alleging harassment on the job while the actual number is much higher. (Link: According to the EEOC, apart from the increasing number of sexual harassment complaints filed by women, the number of sexual harassment complaints filed by men has also more than tripled in the recent years. These numbers are incredibly alarming. It’s not only a common workplace experience among women, but also an increasing source of worry of being falsely accused, among men.

In case of Maria Zhang and Nan Shi, whether the allegations were fabricated or the negative performance reviews were fabricated; only time and jury will tell. But had there been sufficient amount of training on sexual harassment, this matter could have been dealt with in a more dignified manner and the reputation of all the stake holders could have been protected. Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace and prevention can only come with proper training.


Yesware Partnership and Exclusive Deal


We at 9slides are excited to announce a partnership with Yesware, an email productivity platform for salespeople. They are offering a sweet deal to our customers that has a $150 value. Read on for details!

What Can Yesware Do?
Yesware is an email productivity platform that helps salespeople work more effectively, right from their inbox. Yesware integrates with your email to help you close more deals. With real-time email tracking, you can know if and when your emails are opened. You can schedule reminders right from your inbox—no more forgetting to follow up with clients. Yesware also lets you write emails to be sent later, build personal reports, and create and share email templates.

Yesware integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs so you can manage and update client data quickly, all from your email. Check out this video to see how simple Yesware is:

Manage Your Sales Team Better
Sales managers, you can take advantage of detailed analytics to monitor the health of your team. Track their rates of sent and opened emails. Build custom, unified templates to keep your messaging on point. Free up your team’s time by taking advantage of automatic CRM syncing.

Let’s Make a Deal!
Yesware is an email add-on that streamlines the sales process and helps your team work more efficiently. It takes what you are already doing—email—and makes it better. That way, you can focus on your sales relationships.

If you are a paid 9slides customer, you can get a free 2-month trial of Yesware Enterprise, which offers scalable Salesforce and email connectivity. Questions? Ask away in the comments below. Otherwise, happy selling!

Get Yesware now!

Connect 9slides with Active Directory with Okta

As companies continue to adopt 9slides throughout the enterprise, identity and access management become increasingly important. If keeping up with the changing roles of their employees wasn’t enough, IT also needs to manage a growing number of different logins, permission levels and credentials for all their users.

One way to do that is through Active directory, a service that centralizes network administration and security. With AD, admins can easily assign roles and enforce security protocols across an entire organization.


We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with Okta the leading enterprise grade identity management service to provide a easy way to connect Active Directory to 9slides, while providing:

Simple Set Up and Configuration – Enable AD integration with a simple, guided process.

Integrated Single Sign-On – Easily authenticate users through their existing windows credentials – now they can access all their apps without logging into them separately.

If you are interested in migrating your account to new Active Directory connected account, please reach out to us at